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Glossary of Khargal Words

From MY ALIEN GARGOYLE on Radish (adapted from the novel, Sticks and Stones)

by Tamsin Ley

At-Ukris: aerial Durassian animal roughly the size of a whale

Bansial: the Khargal word for sticky

Canikin: the Khargal word for lady parts

Dam: mother

Dassa: mating fluid

Duramna: stone form

Duras: Khargal home planet

Durassian: another term for the Khargal language

Earthian: what Khargals call humans

Fa: the Khargal word for Mrs.

Grack: the Khargal expletive for fuck

Guurlk: Khargal liquor

Hondassa: Mate

Kher: Khargal term for siblings

Khargal: what gargoyles call themselves

Lar: the Khargal word for god

Macero: the Khargal’s expletive for hell

Maztek: Durassian animal similar to an earth whale

Rose Syndicate: clandestine organization that is pursuing gargoyles and their technology

Sartek: a random predatory animal on Duras

Sigil: the device used for contacting the rescue beacon and teleporting to the rescue ship

Sire: father

Tanem: the Khargal word for temporary companion taken before a true mate

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Khargal Words
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