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Reading Order for Kirenai Fated Mates (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

ARAZHI, Book 1

This alien bought a date at a charity auction.

Now he thinks he owns her.

Purchased by a prince 

When the IDA hires Georgie to plan the first ever human-alien matchmaking soiree, Georgie thinks a charity auction for the local animal shelter will be the perfect ice-breaker. But to get the local singles to participate, she has to set an example, so she offers herself as one of the dates. What she doesn’t expect is for her alien buyer to be so freakin’ hot. A few drinks in, and Georgie finds herself alone on a spaceship with a blue-skinned, muscle-bound male. 

Misunderstood matchmaking 

The Kirenai shapeshifters are known for the pleasure they give their bedmates, and Prince Arazhi is no exception. When his family insists it’s time for him to produce an heir, the last thing he wants is a jealous, power-hungry female weighing him down, so he heads to Earth. Human females are supposed to be pliant and fertile, willing to bear children without permanent bonds. 

There, he spots a female with a regal bearing that makes his blood thrum hot. Better yet, it appears that she’s for sale. 

But when Georgie not only refuses to be owned but also claims to be barren, Arazhi must choose. Will he follow his heart, or fulfill his duty?


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He found his fated mate
She intends to prove him wrong...

Good cop, bad... alien?

Officer Lora Griffin only volunteered for the alien dating auction to help raise money for the animal sheltershe has no interest in kissing little green men. But when her date dissolves into a puddle of goo, she’s thrown into an investigation with a new partner who isn’t slimy or tentacledhe’s seven feet of solid blue muscle, and it's hard to remain focused under his panty-melting stare…

A twist of plans

As the galactic prince’s personal bodyguard, Zhiruto is on the trail of an assassin, but he's new to Earth and worried about offending the local population. So he asks for help from an outspoken human female, believing his time on this backward planet will soon be over. But the longer he's with Lora, the more he realizes he needs more than her helphe needs her.

Because she's his mate.

And she seems to want nothing to do with him. 

Can he win her heart before he's called back to his home planet?


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IROTH, Book 3

An alien shifter disguises himself as a Great Dane and gets adopted...

A smuggler running solo

Iroth doesn’t deal in live cargo, but the job on Earth’s too good to pass up—purchase a female, escort her to Kirenai Prime, and rake in the credits. Except it was all a setup. Now he's on the hook for attempting to assassinate the crown prince. To avoid being shot on sight, he’s forced to assume the shape of one of the human’s primitive four-legged pets. But as a mysterious ailment threatens to compromise his disguise, he seeks refuge with a breathtaking female who turns out to be as strong as she is sweet, and his plan to escape goes to the dogs.

A caregiver with nerves of steel

Maise expected to leave the charity auction with a hot date. Instead, she goes home with a wounded Great Dane and a whole lot of questions. When the giant canine transforms into a sultry blue alien with turquoise eyes and asks for her help, she can’t refuse… until she helps him back onto his spaceship, and he won’t let her leave.

She’s determined to find an escape, but the more time they spend together, the more she suspects he’s not the alien monster she imagined. But will her strength and kindness be enough to melt the armor around his heart?


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TAZHIO, Book 4

Do aliens ever get motion sick?

I hate to travel. Loathe it, in fact. I'm quite happy sitting at home with my dog and making custom embroidery to sell on Etsy. But when I win tickets to an intergalactic singles cruise, my sisters bully me into going. The next thing I know, I'm acting stupid over a shuttle pilot with brilliant blue skin and a smile that could melt the clothes right off my body.

Then a freak accident strands us on a hostile alien planet and not only does it look like I'll never see home again, but the locals are hell-bent on rutting with anything female. The only way to stop them is to let Tazhio claim me. And once he claims me, I'll belong to him forever…


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NAZHIN, Book 5

Will his secret tear them apart?


After my ex-boyfriend steals a year’s worth of my astronomy research and publishes it as his own, I fear all is lost for me. Then my twin sister wins tickets for an alien space cruise, giving me a hail Mary to turn in my college thesis on time.

But only if I can keep my eyes on the stars instead of the hot, blue-skinned porter helping me with my luggage…


As the owner of Demod Industries and one of the Intergalactic Dating Agency’s top sponsors, why am I pretending to be a lowly porter? Because Jennifer has made it clear she wants nothing to do with the guests who are looking for matches. So I bide my time and remain by her side. I know she’s my mate. A Kirenai’s iki’i doesn’t lie.

But when we crash on a hostile planet with a species who believes females have a single purpose, the only way to protect Jennifer may be to claim her for myself—whether she wants it or not…


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KIOZHI, Book 6

There are no second chances

Kirenai mate for life, and after mine died, depression is a constant battle. Providing pleasure is the only thing that keeps me going, and I’ve become known as a galactic playboy. Then along comes Suzanne, a flirty human with hair the color of the sunset sky and a naughty sense of humor.

Imagine my surprise when my mating shaft stirs to life...

Knocked up at seventeen

I spent more than half my life sacrificing for my family only to be dumped for a younger woman. Now my kids are grown, and a luxury space cruise full of hot alien men sounds like the perfect fresh start. The very first night on board, I hook up with a blue-skinned alien who leaves me breathless. But no matter how charming and attentive Kiozhi is, I refuse to be strapped to a single man ever again...

Then we end up on a shuttle excursion together, and of course it crash lands on a hostile planet where having a mate is my only salvation.

I should've known all those Sci-Fi Romances books held a kernel of truth.


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IZHIMA, Book 7

How long can he keep up the charade before everyone discovers the truth?

Too many cooks

Bethany’s producers are threatening to end her cooking show if ratings don’t improve, so she decides to bring some alien cuisine to the mix. What better place to find participants than among the chefs on a luxury starship? Except the frustratingly handsome alien chef can’t even get her birthday cake right.

Out of the frying pan

Izhima’s not a people person. He’s a food person. And he just wants to be left alone to cook. But when a human female barges into his kitchen and tries to sabotage his latest recipe, she ends up ejecting them both out of the airlock. Now he has to risk his own life to get the unconscious woman to safety.

But when the human wakes up with amnesia and the dirtbag crew of a salvage ship starts eyeing her in unsavory ways, he’s driven to protect her yet again. Izhima convinces everyone—including the female herself—that she’s his mate. 

Now he’s got to play the part until they reach the next space station. And the once-abrasive female is becoming more tempting by the minute…


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