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"the storytelling brings you into their world and grabs your heart" ~ Gigi's Reads


This alien bought a date at a charity auction.

Now he thinks he owns her...

Good cop, bad... alien?

Officer Lora Griffin only volunteered for the alien dating auction to help raise money for the animal sheltershe has no interest in kissing little green men. But when her date dissolves into a puddle of goo, she’s thrown into an investigation with a new partner who isn’t slimy or tentacledhe’s seven feet of solid blue muscle, and it's hard to remain focused under his panty-melting stare…

A twist of plans

As the galactic prince’s personal bodyguard, Zhiruto is on the trail of an assassin, but he's new to Earth and worried about offending the local population. So he asks for help from an outspoken human female, believing his time on this backward planet will soon be over. But the longer he's with Lora, the more he realizes he needs more than her helphe needs her.

Because she's his mate.

And she seems to want nothing to do with him. 

Can he win her heart before he's called back to his home planet?

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